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Initial session 2

Nutritional therapy session $120

Naturopath and certified holistic nutritionist specialized in gut health and hormonal issues

* Possibility to upgrade to a package within 1 month of the initial session

For who? 

A single session can be "à la carte" or part of a package (price deducted) 

This 90 minutes session allows you to get a few answers to your health concerns while saving money. 

For a more comprehensive approach, I recommend going for a package.  

My areas of focus include: digestion; gut health; fatigue & blood sugar balance; stress & anxiety ... 

What is included?

  • A questionnaire for me to review before our session.

  • A 90 min session during which we will discuss your current concerns and aspirations

  • A summary of our session sent via email within 72 hours with lifestyle, nutrition & supplement recommendation if applicable.

What you will get from working together

Personalized nutrition recommendations

Nutritional recommendations

During our time together, you will get personalized nutritional recommendations adapted to your comfort levels & specific concerns. 

Lifestyle management

Lifestyle management

Additionnaly we will dive into various factors playing a key role in our health; sleep, toxins, stress, and exercise for instance. 

Personalized supplements such as probiotics

Targeted  supplements

If applicable, you will get personalized & targeted supplements to support your body while we work on the foundations. 

Clean makeup and toxin free cookware

Brand recommendations

During our time together, I will share with you some of my favorite clean(er) brands & specific ingredients to look out for (if interested).

Gut health and happy gut

Understanding of health foundations

In the package options, we will dive into the different health foundations to give you a solid understanding of how to support your body for long term success.

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