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Prices & services

Please note that a nutritional therapist is NOT a licensed practitioner and does not diagnose, treat or prescribe.

Initial sesson
Healthy Woman
Healthy Woman

Nutritional Therapy Sessions

For who?

  • You would like to improve your digestion & gut health *

  • You suffer from hormonal imbalances

  • You feel tired but wired 

  • You have enough of trying supplements that do not work 

  • You struggle finding a diet that makes you feel your best 

  • You want to address your concerns from a holistic point of view and receive advice on how to eat better, sleep better, have better energy ...


If you have already tried a few things for your gut health, I recommend opting for a more comprehensive package to address the root cause of the problem. 


*Please note that these sessions do not involve lab testing (if thats what you are looking for please check the next option)

Do you suffer from chronic gut health issues like gas, constipation or bloating? Suspect you may have SIBO or SIFO?  Do you want a step by step program to get to the root cause of your gut health concerns? 

You are in luck! I am specialized in gut health & have overcome my own gut health issues (SIBO) and now offer a program adapted to your unique situation & needs 

Women Stomach Health. Healthy Female With Beautiful Fit Slim Body  Holding White Card With

Gut Reset package 

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms listed above you may certainly benefit from a more comprehensive approach! 


This package includes:​​ ​

  • A x 90 min initial session to discuss your needs & concerns 

  • 6 x 45 min follow up sessions during which we will adapt your protocol if needed, and discuss various factors that may contribute to poor (or good) gut health: diet, sleep, nature, toxins, stress management ....

  • Personalized diet recommendations 

  • Personalized supplement recommendations 

  • Stool testing and/ or SIBO test (not included in cost)

  • Discussion to 

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