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Holistic Practitioner. Gut health Practiotioner. Endometriosis. Gut Health. Functional Nutrition


Book a 1:1 single session or a package below 

 Please note that a nutritional therapist is NOT a licensed practitioner and does not diagnose, treat or prescribe!

Healthy Woman

By the session

Initial session - 90 min - $165


  • A comprehensive health assessment 

  • A 90 min sessions during which we will discuss your health history and current concerns. 

  • Personalized recommendations based on your needs and level of comfort.

FOLLOW- UP - $95 (as needed) 


Possibility to UPGRADE to a package within a month of the initial session 

Looking for more than 1 session and a more detailed approach? 


What are the steps?

  • Jump on a discovery call with me

  • Fill out the documents (disclaimer, health questionnaire, food and mood journal)

  • Start with a  90 min initial session to go over the plan of action & receive a personalized protocol with nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

  • Meet for 8 bi-weekly x 45 minutes follow-ups covering a new topic each time  & receive handouts after each session

  • Additional perks: possibility to email me in between sessions during business hours 

Note that the price of lab testing (if applicable) and supplements (if applicable) is not included in the price of the package.

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What you will get from working together

Which supplements for gut health?
Gut Health Nutrition

Nutritional recommendations

During our time together, you will get personalized nutritional recommendations adapted to your comfort levels & specific concerns. 

Gut health lifestyle management

Lifestyle management

Additionnaly we will dive into various factors playing a key role in our health; sleep, toxins, stress, and exercise for instance. 

Supplements for gut health

Targeted  supplements

If applicable, you will get personalized & targeted supplements to support your body while we work on the foundations. 

Holistic wellness and organic brands

Brand recommendations

During our time together, I will share with you some of my favorite clean(er) brands & specific ingredients to look out for (if interested).

Functional nutrition for gut health

Understanding of health foundations

In the package options, we will dive into the different health foundations to give you a solid understanding of how to support your body for long term success.

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